Badger and Chirp Book Art Workshops 
hosted and taught by Daniel and Karleigh Heywood

Along with teaching bookbinding workshops, Daniel and Karleigh run badgerandchirp.com where you can find bookbinding tips, tutorials and other fun book art related information. They work out of their home studio and sell their handmade books at badgerandchirp.etsy.com. They love that working from home allows them to spend more time with their two young sons and work on other projects: photography, writing, illustrating, artist books and building one-of-a-kind furniture for their home. They both graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho and are members of the Guild of Book Workers (Rocky Mountain Chapter).


Guest Teachers 2013

Cindy Bean
In 2006, a friend and I went on a  whirlwind trip of Europe. Stopping in Salzburg, we went to the museum at Mozart's birthplace. In the gift shop, they had these small papercuts for sale. I bought a couple and thought, "I can do this." Then, we went to my grandparent's home in Germany. In their sitting room, they had a few papercuts hanging on the wall. These were, by far, much more intricate than the ones I had bought in Salzburg and it shifted my line of thinking from, "I can do this" to "I'm going to need to practice this for a while before I can get this good." Since then I've practiced and practiced. I've had the good fortune to work in the Tower of London for a month creating papercuts for their children's work room. I've been featured in Paper Cutting Book: Contemporary Artists, Timeless Craft and Paper Cuts: 35 Inventive Projects. I currently reside in Salt Lake and am trying to balance the art of a new family with papercutting.

Lili Hall Sharp
Lili has been binding books for 15 years. What started as a hobby developed into her current career as a Bookbinder and Rare Book Conservator. Lili graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 with a BFA in Fine Art with a Printmaking emphasis. In 2008, she went to England where she earned a Masters degree in Book Restoration & Conservation. She has also studied bookbinding in-depth as a regular student at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Colorado, as well as attending classes and workshops in the US and England. Lili has enjoyed teaching workshops and university courses in bookbinding and other related arts.

Michael Sharp studied the history and practice of Book Arts on the graduate level at the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC before leaving for an Artist assistantship making paper at Sarvisberry Studios in Floyd, Virginia. He is a Book Arts Grabhorn Fellow and recently completed an Artist Residency through the University of Utah Book Arts Program. He is also a member of the Fine Press Book Association and American Print History Association.

Nathanial Ashby

Bio #1: Nathanial is an experienced book maker who has been making books for about 38 years. He is likely the direct descendent of Johannes Gutenberg. It is possible that his maternal side could be traced back to James Book, the inventor of the book. Nathanial knows a lot about words, letters, and numbers that can be written in books. He is aware of many books. Nathanial once saw a really big book. Nathanial really likes green books. Nathanial is in negotiations with his spouse about renaming his children “Booke and Booker”. Nathanial has eaten four books in his lifetime, and he states they were scrumptious. Nathanial appears in books, including yearbooks.

Bio #2: I grew up in Weber County between the shores of the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountain Range. I played a lot in farmer’s fields and I had siblings and friends. Some stuff happened between then and now like a wife and kids and now I am back in the area and I enjoy it. I love Ogden. I am inspired by others creativity. I am inspired by things that aren’t being used how they are supposed to be used. I love history and especially public history. I think combining future history and creativity is important and a lot of fun. I like ridiculous amounts of things that you dont need many of. I love collecting, I am not a hoarder.


Past Guest Teachers:
Jeannine Stein (Los Angeles 2012) 
Kelly Kilmer (Los Angeles 2012)

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